How to Dispose of Unused Medicine Responsibly to Protect the Environment

Learn more about the effects of pharmaceuticals on the environment and how to dispose of unused medicine responsibly.

From Basic Health to Herd Immunity: What is the Purpose of Vaccines?

In our increasingly interconnected world, where illness can spread quickly from person to person, and even country to country, vaccines can offer protection.

Equitable Access to Multiple Myeloma Treatments Can Help Close the Survival Gap

Jennifer Flowers thought her pain and fatigue were a side effect of working out. Perhaps she'd pushed herself too hard or strained a muscle. But the pain persisted, so she scheduled an appointment with her doctor. Her diagnosis—multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer—was unexpected.

Pfizer Expands 'An Accord for a Healthier World'

Product Offering to Include Full Portfolio for Greater Benefit to 1.2 Billion People in 45 Lower-Income Countries

To better align with disease burden and unmet patient needs, Pfizer will now expand its offering under the Accord to include off-patent products, bringing the total offering from 23 products to around 500 products.

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