Are You At Risk For A Blood Clot?

NBC News war correspondent David Bloom was the image of health. In 2003, he was a 39-year-old avid tennis player.

The Next Frontier of Vaccine Innovation

Edward Jenner changed the world when he used cowpox virus to inoculate a young boy against smallpox. Less than 200 years later, smallpox was eradicated from the Earth.

Understanding Six Types of Vaccine Technologies

Depending on the pathogen (a bacteria or virus) that is being targeted, different vaccine technologies are used to generate an effective vaccine. Just like there are multiple ways to develop a vaccine, they can also take on multiple forms – from needle injections and nasal sprays to oral doses, a more recent innovation.

Government Price-Setting Is Not the Answer

Making sure that medicines are accessible and affordable for patients is a goal we all share. But Congress is considering a dangerous proposal that could jeopardize the development of lifesaving medicines, vaccines, and treatments.

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