Proudly Celebrating Our 175th Anniversary!

This year, Pfizer is proudly celebrating its 175th Anniversary! From our first groundbreaking discovery in 1849 for treating parasites to delivering the first mRNA vaccine against Covid‐19, we remain committed to making the world a healthier place. Take a look at the milestones along our 175‐year‐old journey.

Got Yours? Spokesperson Martha Stewart on Health and Wellness

Martha Stewart has seemingly done it all ‐ she's a lifestyle expert, media mogul, and even founded a care center to support the geriatric population. She recently chatted with about why she joined the Got Yours? COVID-19 vaccination campaign, how her father's job at Pfizer impacted her view on science, how she juggles her busy schedule and more!

Severe COVID‐19 and the Continuing Importance of Protecting High Risk Populations

Approximately 80% of those who test positive for COVID‐19 have mild to moderate illness. But adults 50 and older and people of any age with certain underlying health conditions are at high risk of progression to severe COVID-19. In the U.S. approximately 75% of adults are at high risk of progression to severe illness.

Tell Congress: Protect Patents and Future Cures

The U.S. patent system provides an important incentive for innovation, promotes collaboration among trusted partners, and helps to advance the development of new medicines. But the Administration has a new proposal that would insert substantial uncertainty into the Bayh‐Dole framework, would undermine its policy objectives and deter collaborations that can help bring medicines to patients.