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Meet Robert Hensarling

Robert Hensarling

Robert began his career with Parke-Davis, a subsidiary of Pfizer, in April 1963. At the age of 22 he became one of the youngest pharmaceutical representatives not only in Mississippi, but in the country. When he retired, he was among those with the longest tenure in the company.

“This is what I've always wanted to do,” said Robert. “I loved my job and enjoyed my 40-year career in pharmaceutical sales.”

Rewarding Moments at Pfizer

Robert prepared early for his dream career in pharmaceuticals. He took pre-med courses at William Carey University (WCU) and worked at a drug store to better familiarize himself with the pharmaceutical business.

Looking back on his career, Robert considers it “extremely educational and challenging.” It was important for him to stay current on new medicines and their effects in order to properly talk knowledgably with physicians, pharmacists, doctors and nurses. Through his frequent visits with medical professionals, he established many lasting and rewarding relationships.

“When a physician tells you that you actually played an important role in saving someone's life, that's special,” said Robert. “I learned of a ground-breaking medicine for bleeding ulcers and shared this information with a doctor. He used the medicine in an emergency medical situation and saved the life of a 90-year-old woman.”

The Rest is History

Robert with his wife, Nancy.

Since retiring as a Cardiovascular and Diabetes territory sales representative in 2002, Robert has transformed into a writer, traveler and committee board member. “I enjoy having the time to pursue my hobbies and the many things I did not have time for when I was working,” said Robert.

His self-published book, When I Was a Little Boy: Oh No, Not Another When I Was a Little Boy Story, was written with the purpose of sharing stories with his family. The work focuses on family history, growing up in the 1940s and 50s, and looks at the differences in past and present thinking. He hopes his book serves as an inspiration for other people to write books to keep their stories alive. “Every family has stories to tell,” said Robert.

In addition to writing, Robert travels with his wife, Nancy, to locations around the globe. He joins WCU alumni trips led by a university history professor, and has made more than 15 international journeys within the past decade. His visited destinations include Germany, Switzerland, Israel and several European locations. “My favorite place to visit is Israel because of its deep roots in history,” said Robert.

When he's not traveling or writing, Robert serves on several committee boards. He is program coordinator at the McComb Lion Club, where he arranges for a guest speaker every week at their community meetings. He is also on the President's Advancement Circle and local alumni chapter at WCU, where he helps promote a positive image, foster donations and creates opportunities for alumni to connect.

Final Thoughts

Ten years into retirement, Robert is enjoying life, and looks back on his career with fondness.

“I liked what I did, and I'm glad I did it. Even ten years later I truly miss seeing some of the people I worked with,” said Robert.

Eager to connect with fellow retirees, he extends the invitation of contacting him by email,

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