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Meet John Anglace, retired Director of Retiree Relations

When John Anglace began his career with Holgrath (a division of Howmedica Corp) in 1973, he had no idea how the progression of the business would later affect his life.

Howmedica was acquired by Pfizer in the mid-1970's and John was on his way. When Pfizer divested of Holgrath in 1978, John accepted a temporary position in the New York Headquarters for six months while he searched for another job. And, find another job he did - at Pfizer, that is!

John spent the next two decades working in several areas of what was then called the Personnel Department. He held positions in employee benefits, wage and salary, employee and labor relations, and was a member of the Corporate Acquisitions and Divestitures and Corporate Safety and Health teams According to John, it's the diversity of the types of positions he held that he appreciates most about his Pfizer career. In his words, "I just loved the job."

When he retired in 2001 from the NY Office, John was Director of Retiree Relations, a position he held for six years. He especially remembers how much fun it was to be able to work with and stay in touch with many of his former co-workers who had retired before him! He enjoyed being able to reinvigorate everyone who attended the retiree events he managed.

At one such event, John recalled Bob Dole speaking to retirees and remembered how impressed he was with his warm personality. Today, Senator Dole still keeps close ties with Pfizer, both as a former spokesperson for Viagra, as well as the support he gives today for the Medicare Modernization Act.

Today John shares his time between the golf course and City Hall where is an elected member of the City Counsel serving as its President. He loves the freedom of being able to decide in the morning what he's going to do the rest of the day - whether it's golf, attend a city council meeting, learn a new computer skill, or plan his 50th wedding anniversary party which is taking place in August. Congratulations!

When asked what he's most proud of having worked at Pfizer, John noted, "being able to take advantage of Pfizer's great benefits programs, some of which are putting my grandchildren through college."

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