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Meet Dave Brant

Dave Brant began his Pfizer career in 1964 as a Ceramic Engineer in the Minerals, Pigments & Metals Division at the mineral grinding plant in Victorville, CA. He established a ceramic development laboratory to create new and improved mineral products for use in the ceramic industry. Pfizer became a primary supplier of talc and clay to the ceramic industry as new mining properties were opened and through the acquisition of a major Southern California mineral producer. Dave's responsibilities expanded to include assistance to the Quality Control Laboratory, the Sales Department, as well as to the Research Department located in Easton, PA.

During his 24-year career at Pfizer, Dave worked in various positions. After eight years in Victorville, he joined the newly formed Marketing Department in Easton, PA. He held various assignments, including Product Managers for Lime, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Talc, and finally for Ceramic Materials, until his retirement in 1988.

According to Dave, "In my twenty-four years with Pfizer I was privileged to meet many wonderful and accomplished people. I think my greatest satisfaction was being able to interact with virtually all phases of the mineral business -- mining and exploration, production, quality control, sales, research, and marketing. My work enabled me to travel extensively throughout the United States," said Dave.

Being an aviation enthusiast and a former flight instructor during World War II, Dave stated that among his fondest memories are the few times he was a passenger on the Pfizer corporate aircraft where he became acquainted with the pilots. He admits, "I probably drove them nuts with my questions and requests to visit the cockpit."

Now retired, Dave and his wife, Dottie, live in Las Vegas, NV. One of things Dave likes best about being retired is being able to live in an area like the Southwest with its wide open spaces. Even though the Brants are far from many of their Easton friends, Dave indicated that, "the Pfizer Retiree Gatherings have enabled us to meet occasionally with a few old friends. Email has also kept us in touch with other."

When asked what Dave likes least about retirement, he replied, "The fact that I am getting older!" But that doesn't stop him! Dave is an avid photographer, with a special interest in aviation photography. He has attended Reno Air Races for ten years and his photos and write-ups were published in an aviation magazine. He occasionally takes photos for a Las Vegas legal firm and is a freelance photographer for the community magazine, The LINK.

For several years, Dave also worked for Rogge Insurance Services-Aviation as an insurance adjuster. "My main assignment was to investigate personal injury accidents at the McCarran Airport passenger terminal. That kept me and my camera quite busy," recalls Dave.

Dave also enjoys using his computer to create unique greeting cards and get-well cards for the Sun City Duplicate Bridge Club. He is a member of the Sun City Photography Club and the Sun City Sawdusters, a woodworking group.

When we asked Dave to join the ranks of our retiree spotlights, he said, "All I can say is that I don't believe I fit the mold of an ideal retiree. But I am flattered that you have asked me." All evidence to the contrary! Dave is extremely active in his retirement and has enjoyed a fascinating career both at Pfizer and before.

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