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November 2013

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November is National Diabetes Awareness month. One in twelve people in the United States suffer from diabetes and the Center for Disease Control predicts by 2050 almost one-third of Americans will have some form of the disease. Although there is no cure for diabetes, medical advances have made living with diabetes more manageable than ever before.

Diet and exercise have been shown to not only alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, but can even prevent the disease from developing. Obese individuals are at a higher risk for developing diabetes than those with a healthy body mass index (BMI). High-calorie foods such as nachos, gravy, french fries and sugary drinks like soda and sugar-added fruit juices exacerbate symptoms and can lead to the onset of diabetes.

We've compiled the following articles and resources below in observance of National Diabetes Month.


What is Diabetes? (Center of Disease Control)
What is diabetes? This article by the Center for Disease Control provides a complete overview of the disease and its effects.


Diabetes (University of Maryland Medical Center)
There are many different forms of diabetes.  This article provides information on the different types of diabetes.


Undiagnosed Diabetes (International Diabetes Federation)
The International Diabetes Foundation estimates that nearly 50% of people around the world who have diabetes are unaware of it.  This article provides the symptoms of diabetes to help people identify their condition.


Diabetes Basics (American Diabetes Association)
Get an overview of the symptoms, risk factors, treatments, causes and prevention of diabetes.


Diabetes Care (WebMD)
Watch this video to answer questions you may have about diabetes care.


How to Manage Diabetes (National Diabetes Education Program)
Listen to stories of how real people manage their diabetes.